A perfume is one of those invisible accessories, which when chosen carefully and applied in the right amount can make you stand out and add a dash of glamour. Each perfume is carefully crafted by its makers with different notes, like music, to suit the olfactory senses of its consumers. Julian Rouas Paris (JRP) is a notable name in the perfume industry which holds the distinction of creating exclusive perfumes by the name of “Legend’, “Tribute” and “Legacy” in memory of beloved Michael Jackson.

The perfumes have been developed in association with Joe Jackson, with the intention of sending off the proceeds to charity. Julian Rouas Paris has taken care that it comes out with perfumes which bring out the exclusivity, uniqueness and the charm which MJ has created over the world. JRP promises to sustain the magic through the scent of his work and beauty that he visualized.

A perfume can easily be associated with any memory and the range of perfumes that Julian Rouas Paris has are sure to bring an indelible impression and memories in your mind. You can now avail their prized possession online and it would be delivered to you within 2-3 working days. The master craftsmen at the Julian Rouas Paris have themselves selected each fragrance and infused a lot of hard work and dedication to bring out a product which is unique, noteworthy and satisfies the olfactory senses of the people without being run-of-the-mill. The right blend of various notes and the most important being the base note is imperative as it lingers for a long time once the perfume’s top note vanishes.

Julian Rouas Paris (JRP) is a brand name which stands by its promise of client satisfaction and premium quality product. The exclusive line of perfumes in memory of Michael Jackson is a boon for the fans of MJ who love to own a fragrant memory which reminds them of their favorite star.